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The 7 Return of Kindness (ROK) Pathways

Monday, January 23rd, 2017

Jill Lublin - The Profit of KindnessIt was go time! I was invited to speak at a conference on an island near Vancouver, British Columbia. I emerged from the ferry and greeted my driver. As I moved towards the car, my feet flew out from under me and everything went black.  I woke up in a hospital the next day. My brain was foggy, while bolts of pain radiated from fracturing both ankles.  Bedridden, and immobilized, my carefully laid-out plans collapsed and my income gone.


I called Mark LeBlanc, my coach.  I no longer had a business and I had to put our sessions on hold.


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Profit of Kindness

Thursday, January 5th, 2017

What is The Profit of Kindness™ and Why Is It Important?

The Profit of KindnessThe Profit of Kindness™ is the art of building trusting, long-lasting relationships through open, non-adversarial interchanges that result in mutually beneficial outcomes. The Profit of Kindness™ is a heart-based approach taps into your emotions, our natural instincts, and deeply ingrained feelings. It increases your chances for success because you will be doing what you value and usually do well. Your focus will be more on giving and working with others more than simply winning.

Acting kindly will make you happier, more fulfilled, more successful, and more at peace. Making this change requires a commitment, a constant focus on always trying to be kind.


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