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How to Become a Celebrity On a Shoestring Budget

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

Master showman PT Barnum said, “A terrible thing happens without publicity … NOTHING!” Whether you’re a one-person road show or a major corporation, you need people to know about you. Publicity is your best friend if used well and is a terrible waste if ignored. Publicity is the most overlooked marketing tool and also the least expensive, least risky…

Publicity, public relations, and advertising

Publicity is free media exposure for your product or service. Public relations (PR) is the overall planning and strategy for dealing with the media. Advertising is paying to promote your product or service. Say, for example, you have a lemonade stand. Your PR strategy is to use word of mouth to promote your product. With the little extra money you have, you hire your brother to post flyers (advertising). In the mean time, a thirsty runner with no money jogs by and you give her a cool drink on the house. Because she’s the editor of your local paper, the next day your lemonade stand is prominently displayed on the front page. Business booms. That’s publicity.


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Goals, Intentions, and Strategies to …Get Noticed!

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

Identify your objectives; know precisely what you want to achieve.

When you’re clear about your goals, you can explain them to others. If others understand what you need, they will be better able to help. The clearer you are about your goals the more likely you will be to create a plan that will accomplish them.

Before I attend meetings or events, I set goals. I decide what I would like to accomplish. Since meetings usually have specific agendas, I identify what I would like to achieve. Defining my goals helps me when I finally meet with people; it helps my focus by subconsciously keeping on track.


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Secrets to Successful Connecting

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

Jill with Mel Ethan Cutler

By Jill Lublin
Connecting is the art of building relationships; relationships that last. It’s the forming of bonds with people that can grow into deeper, closer, more meaningful relationships.

To create solid connections, follow these suggestions:


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Messages of Hope Conference

Sunday, January 9th, 2011


The problem today is the level of anxiety, fear, and uncertainty. It seems that society and individuals as a whole are feeling less hope. Messages of Hope is a full-day conference, Saturday February 5th in Los Angeles at the Radisson Hotel,  6225 W. Century Blvd. This event features four inspirational speakers as well as in-depth interviews conducted by Jill Lublin with extraordinary people who’ve overcome challenges, inspired others, and have Messages of Hope to share.

Be elevated by the profound and healing perspectives of inspirational leaders such as Bill Bauman, PhD, noted psychologist, speaker and best-selling author of Soul Vision.


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Monday, May 4th, 2009

I’ve had such an incredible month: speaking for Tony Robbins at the Ultimate Business Mastery Summit along w/Jay Abraham and Stephen Covey. It was an incredible opportunity.

Plus, I was featured in the Marin Independent Journal ( for my TV show: Messages of Hope and then, to top it off I was a guest on The View From the Bay ( All of this is during the recession economy.

My point is this… use whatever is happening in the media to your advantage. For instance, if the media wants to scare us about the economy – my question to you is: how can you be an expert on the down economy?


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Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

I’ve been enjoying teaching Crash Courses in Publicity throughout this first quarter and am very sensitive to how important it is to market in today’s down economy. Change any story you have to how to (fill in the blank) in today’s economy. This is so essential for success right now. I was just featured on Daytime TV in Tampa w/over 90 syndicated markets. My whole topic was about marketing in a down economy. This is the media topic that’s winning people over the most. On a more positive note – traveling around the country I can tell you that people are spending money. Please know that media is controlling the fear. You must not buy into it! Keep marketing and stay forward in front of people!

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Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

Well, two things that have been on my mind in terms of branding – one is Sarah Palin being punked by a Canadian radio show before Election Day.  Her answers were again proving that she has no idea about how to behave herself in foreign matters and the answers weren’t even discerning enough to verify the call and do some further questioning.  Her answers were childlike – including the little girl giggles and I almost could feel the toss of her hair as she made plans to go hunting with the prime minister.  She didn’t even listen closely enough to tell he was joking about a numbers of items.

On the positive side, Obama’s speech was like one we haven’t seen in a long time – close to the heart, inspiring — it moved me and the people around me to tears. His acknowledgement of John McCain was gracious and kind. His love for his wife, children, and family were obvious!  We’re so lucky to have an authentic leader of our nation.  Authenticity is the key word here and it is reflected in every move of Obama’s physical presence, commanding speeches, and presence. Branding is best when it’s authentic and matches who you are. John McCain’s concession speech was indicative of the man he used to be. The one we had heard so much about – more commanding and kind – all at the same time. Quite a few people around me said if had he spoken more like that during his candidacy perhaps he might have won the presidency.

This to me is the lesson about branding. Be authentic to who you are.  McCain wavered from who he was and his branding strategy was all over the place. He tried many things and none of them worked including his vice presidential choice, his Saturday Night LIve appearance, and his smiling more as he did more media interviews (an obvious change in his behavior and a sure sign of extensive media coaching). He moved away from who he was, probably listened to too many advisors and his branding got mixed up.


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Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

As we come to the final stretch on the election campaign, I find myself thinking about the word change and how to “Get Noticed”.  It’s been interesting watching the campaign and all the tactics each one has used to get noticed – including Obama picking an experienced Vice Presidential running mate and McCain picking a fairly young woman.  I keep getting asked on major radio stations across the country for branding comments -most importantly – does Tina Fey’s imitation of Sarah Palin help or hurt her?  I actually thought it was good for Sarah to go on Saturday Night Live and laugh with the people who were laughing at her.  Yet, once again, she proved she doesn’t really know how to speak without scripts and speeches written for her. I don’t think it helped her win over voters and only made people laugh more at her!   Well, so much for getting noticed in a positive way. You noticed both campaigns had key words the entire time…Obama was for change; McCain and Palin used (and overused) maverick.

If you’re a business owner and want to Get Noticed… I recommend, like in politics, do things that are out of the ordinary.  Show people you are laughing with them so they won’t laugh at you.  Find a word that sums up your business that people can use when thinking of you.  For more go to and check out my Crash Courses in Publicity to help you get noticed in an economic way!

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Saturday, October 25th, 2008

I was recently speaking in Calgary Canada for eWomenNetwork. It was so interesting to see the difference in the economic outlook of Canadians vs. The Americans. They understand the immediate importance of investing in promotion and marketing. They understand that even though the economy is suffering a bit – it’s so important to utilize and implement the power of publicity.  I also had some amazing talks with people about McCain vs. Obama.  Every Canadian agreed that if Obama doesn’t win – we’ll all be in trouble. I joked that if Obama didn’t win I might become the newest Canadian.


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Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

The debates last night were a great reflection of two candidates that are clearly well spoken. I think Barak Obama won hands down without breaking a sweat. The demeaning “this one” comment from John McCain was unwarranted. Barak showed his wisdom is way above his years in office and his leadership is what is warranted. They both performed cool under pressure, held their ground, and didn’t go so much for the attacks which I found refreshing.

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