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The new environment

Friday, March 15th, 2013

With Robbie Motter and Roberta Shaler

I’m sure you’ve noticed how business has changed. We’ve left the era where companies could sit back, coast on their reputations, and let customers vie to do business with them. Now, everything has speeded up and is usually in flux. In business, change is no longer unusual or an isolated event — it’s now the norm.

To succeed today in business, you can’t stand still — regardless of how well you may now be doing. Expect change, continual change. Expect your markets to be filled with new players and more to join every day. Notice how local businesses have gone global and competition has grown fierce. American products are now filled with components made all over the globe. Labels, instructions, and manuals are printed in multiple languages. Tactics that served you brilliantly may soon be faded and flat.


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