VIP Coaching Program

Take your business to a whole new level of mastery and success

The VIP Coaching Program is an unprecedented tool to establish a powerful, comprehensive publicity strategy for your business. Over a 6- to 12-month period, Jill will mentor you to define and create an influential and robust powerhouse publicity machine that works every angle and delivers measurable results. Take your business to a whole new level of mastery and success and empower yourself like never before!

√ Develop your company’s unique and compelling message

√ Establish a company-wide publicity strategy that works

√ Present your business effectively in any environment

√ Discover and recover money that is misspent

√ Accurately define your audience, your market and your niche

√ Incorporate expert methods to reach new markets

√ Gain a priceless media toolkit that inspires the media to action!


At the heart of the Program is an extraordinary VIP DAY that entitles you to an in-depth and far-reaching 5-hour strategy meeting with Jill. You and your spouse, partner, or key employee will meet with Jill (in person or via Skype) to transform your media campaigns into powerhouse media machines. Together, you’ll identify weak and problem-prone areas of your publicity campaigns, hone your methods of outreach, and develop media-targeted instruments that you can use again and again. You’ll fine-tune and organize every document you need to make your publicity efforts fruitful. And you’ll have at your fingertips a fully-functioning publicity system as effective as those of expensive PR firms.


You’ll own the instruments of successful publicity that you can leverage well into the future:

Once you master the art of business promotion the way the experts do, you’ll never have to hire a costly PR agency again. You can save tens of thousands of dollars and empower yourself to oversee PR campaigns that really work.

Learn from the expert and change the course of your business!

• Are you uncertain about how to run a successful publicity campaign?

• Is the reach of your business more shallow than what it should be?

• Are you too busy to attend publicity events and pour over PR learning materials?

• Have you got better things to do than hunt for the tips and tricks of increasing your business’ visibility?

• Do you want to learn from an expert how to master publicity and transform the course of your business?

If you’ve answered Yes to any of these questions: Call us now!

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