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The Connected Leader

The Connected Leader

How does attachment play out at work? If workers feel valued, heard, and safe, they are more productive. People often choose to work for a company for less pay in order to be in a supportive and fulfilling work environment. Pulling to- gether all of her education and...

Return on Your Characteristics

The root of the word characteristic is “character,” and isn’t that what we are really talking about here? Kindness and good character go hand-in-hand. When you have good character, you possess the characteristics of kindness that let people know you are caring,...
Where to-Get Noticed!

Where to-Get Noticed!

In whatever you do, take that first, essential step; dive into the water. You may have developed the ideal solution for a major problem or invented a product that fills a critical void, but what good are they if you never implement your plans. Don’t waste your time...

Secrets to Successful Connecting

By Jill Lublin Connecting is the art of building relationships; relationships that last. It’s the forming of bonds with people that can grow into deeper, closer, more meaningful relationships. To create solid connections, follow these suggestions: Perfect your art....

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