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{ Hi Jill, I have to thank you so so so very much for all the marvelous training we had in your one day publicity crash course. Going through your baby steps, which I did not really think those were going to take us where they did but we learned so much, so very much, it's unbelievable where you took us in one day's time. Vivianne I
Vivianne I
{Jill is entertaining, fun, and a master at how to get publicity. I would highly recommend taking her one day Publicity Crash Course.
Shane James
Weight Loss and the Mind Podcast
{Jill taught us to plant my "publicity garden" at 30, 60 and 90 day intervals. With her expert guidance, we created several ready to go documents to get our publicity off to a flying start. She also brought several bonus experts to the course and they all shared great information. She exceeded all of my expectations - thanks's Jill!
Barbara Engrasia
Manage Copyright
{I loved Jill Lublin and am thrilled that I joined her Publicity Masterclass. Before taking her class my message was passionate but not very clear. I now have a message that I love and can stand in as well as a short bio that gets to the heart of who I am without the fluff!”
Denise S
{I took Jill Lublin's course on Publicity. In a short 5 hour zoom we accomplished so much. We learned how to create our short message, and how to write our short and long bio. We were able to practice our message and bio in breakout groups with instant feedback. Jill also showed us how to use the calendar to personalize our publicity "Using Everything We've Got. I highly recommend her course.
Dr. Susie Mierzwik
mystery person
{Jill, Thank you for the course. Learn several new things I didn't know and will use!
Sevan K
{Jill is a ‘Master of the Media’ and her ability to teach people exactly what to do, how to do it, and without spending a fortune, is amazing. Our clients love her wisdom, products, and personality.
John Assaraf
Speaker, Entrepreneur, New York Times and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author of The Street Kid’s Guide to Having It All
{Jill's Publicity Crash Course was excellent on so many levels. The content along with the small group application of the materials was invaluable. Jill's delivery was fun and engaging. I walked away with a some amazing concrete materials and templates that I can apply to my business. Jill went above and beyond by bringing in other experts as well who generously shared their expertise and offered free consultations. I highly recommend this class!
Tamara W
{Working with Jill has been worth every penny! She is so well-connected and truly helps one navigate through the world of PR! Through her, my company has attracted many free PR opportunities, including being featured in two books that will be in print this fall. Our Attraction Agenda subscription sales also increased by 50% with Jill’s help. We are most grateful for having crossed paths with Jill Lublin.
Indi Avila
{Dear Jill, on behalf of CalSAE I would like to extend our appreciation of your time and expertise at our educational luncheon. Your presentation on Networking Magic was both entertaining and informative.
Stephanie Flores
Director of Education Cal SAE
mystery person
{This was a super helpful seminar. I recommend it to anyone trying to get a leg up to promote their products or services. Jill is fun and uplifting and eager to support everyone in inspiring ways.
Halla A
{Publicity Crash Course was an excellent program that allowed me to work with both Jill (and colleagues) in determining my options for publicizing myself in a way that feels natural and shows how my services are supportive of the clients with whom I work and who I desire. I'm excited about how I can utilize the information learned to make my mark in the world!
Denise S
{Hi everybody, this is Wendy Lee with LeadHERship Revolution and I just got off the Publicity Crash Course with Jill and it was fantastic! Wendy Lee
Wendy Lee
LeadHERship Revolution
{Thank you Jill and your team for a great Publicity crash course. Learned a lot and got very motivated to go out and get things rocking again. Four stars. Regards.
Mike M
{I loved Jill Lublin because she gave us information we could use right away. She provided us with the steps on how to respond to a problem, putting together a press release that gets noticed, and writing a notice. Most importantly, she reminded us we are our news and it is up to us to get noticed. I loved the practical suggestions she had for getting noticed. The pictures of her accident were very inspiring when she explained how she turned an accident into an opportunity. Working with Jill is amazing! I highly recommend her.
LaWanna Parker
Speaker, Author, TV Show Host
{I'd heard from many people about how great Jill is with publicity. I finally took her training course and I'm so glad that I did. She is able to take her publicity strategies and chunk them down into very simple doable steps and I realized that there were things I was doing around publicity that I was making way too complicated. Art G.
Art Giser
Speaker, Author, Developer of Energetic NLP
{I've been to every workshop you could possibly imagine. Jill's course has been invaluable. ... It will shift your perspective on what PR really is.
Stephanie Beeby
Founder of In Flow CEO Consulting
{Jill and her team made me feel focused and energized to do all I need to do to help get the word out about my book, Journaling for Non-Journalers. I feel excited to get started and reach my audience to share my message about how to access personal wellness through the power of paper and pen.
Jen C
{Jill's 12 - month pr strategy has totally shifted my perspective and I'm completely re-writing how I've been looking at publicity and media. If you get the chance, I highly encourage you to work with Jill. Kim Hodous
Kim Hodous
The Happiness Speaker
{My goal was to open a new business as well as a decade long desire to write a book so Jill was the perfect person for me to connect with. She gives you step-by-step ways to get going on your publicity plan or book writing. Not only that but I love her message of kindness and giving people value and treat them with respect. Jill coaches to develop your message of how you want to serve the world. And what I learned. It’s not enough to just have a clear message you have to understand how to deliver that message and Jill shows you multiple ways to get that done. Jill is just a really great lady with so much experience and expertise she very skillfully guides you through the process and makes it exciting and enjoyable. It’s a one day class but I feel like you get three days of work done she’s very efficient as she moves from topic to topic and I’ll just tell you this you’ll never be bored.
Nancy M
{I have been in three different programs with Jill Lublin. She's personable working with each person individually even on group calls. Jill is very experienced with publishing/speaking and PR, she walks the talk. She is also very kind and giving of her experiences and resources. Thank you, Jill and Team! Sharon Eucce
Sharon Eucce
mystery person
{Jill is excellent at teaching us, drawing from her extensive expertise in the arena of PR and marketing. I have learned so much from her!!
Teri Angel
{I love Jill Lublin because of her generous, caring spirit. She delivers over and above in all that she offers. Her compassion to see others succeed shines through in the wisdom and information she personally provides, as well as in the experts she brings along side of her to offer wisdom and strategies from their experience, which enhances the topics she presents. Jill has been consistent in her example and encouragement of excellence in helping others to shine light on their gifts, talents and abilities for over the 10 plus years that I have known her, so that the world will be a better place for all. Jill Lublin is the answer to many issues in and around marketing.
{Jill did a great job of taking us through a very practical AND inspirational process of preparing for a greater public presence. Thank you Jill for reconnecting me with my voice and restoring my faith in what is possible!
Kim Kristenson-Lee
Labyrinth Leadership Group Founder; Leadership Coach; Program Director- International Coaching Federation (ICF) Sacramento Chapter; Art of Convening© Certified Convening Leader
{The course with Jill was very valuable because she is genuinely interested in helping us to get the publicity that is necessary to excel and be noticed. She is extremely knowledgeable and gave us action items to keep our message up to date and fresh. I have a much better understanding of my offer from the exercises that we went through and my bio is starting to really take shape.
Stacey G
{Jill presented to ICF Michigan as part of our Professional Development Webinar Series. In a quick 60-minute time frame, she shared a treasure-trove of practical information to help coaches raise their visibility and credibility through the media. It was obvious her content resonated, as reflected in how many attendees actively participated through their questions and comments. Jill was generous with her expertise and experience; you’ll be happy to have engaged her!
Beth Buelow
PCC President 2021, ICF Michigan Charter Chapter
mystery person
{ Jill Lublin’s trainings don’t disappoint. Jill has surpassed my expectation of both content and presentation. She is truly living her passion and encourages you to live your’s. An added bonus is the opportunity to network with cohort members of outstanding character, knowledge and purpose. This has truly been a worthwhile investment to scale up our business to the next level and beyond.
Amatullah A
{Hello, I'm Dr. Kelly Martin Schuh, I'm a business and prosperity couch for female couches, consultants and entrepreneurs. I just attended Jill's Boot Camp for the day and I was blown away. Dr Kelly Martin Schuh
Dr. Kelly Martin Schuh
{Hi, my names is Maureen and I just finished Jill Lublin's Publicity Crash Course and let me tell you that it is one of the best courses I have taken, I have gotten so many gold nuggets today. Maureen
{I am so happy to be part of Jill Lublin's class, she's giving us such a wealth of nuggets, helping us one by one to be able to be successful in our business. This is an awesome class that I'm taking and I truly appreciate it. I can't wait for the next, the weekend, the next two classes that we'll take. I know I'm gonna learn a lot more. Thank you, Jill, I appreciate it. Wanda P
Wanda P
{Jill Lublin is a masterful teacher in the Art of Publicity! I gained so much from her course and am excited to take more training from her!
Becky Norwood
{I just completed Jill's one day training course. Wow, what a day! It was one of the best programs I've ever done. Her knowledge as a PR/media expert is unsurpassed. Thank you Jill for an amazing day. Robert Robertson
Robert Robertson
Speaker, Trainer Founder Unboxed Digital
mystery person
{It was my first time working with Jill. As a Holistic Healer, I have found it has always been hard for me to be seen and understand the work that I do to help people and animals. Not to mention, I am a quiet, shy person. Her materials were helpful and easy to understand, especially when paired with Jill, adding additional insight to each slide. I now have a compass to help me get my company, WellnessbyShari, LLC, to be Seen, Heard, and Found. Thank you, Jill, from the bottom of my Heart.
Shari Sternberger
{Jill is phenomenal! I walked away with a press release that I needed to get my message out and she showed me how to use her easy template so that I can do it myself on an ongoing basis. If you need to promote your business, you need to be in Jill's Crash Course!
Capiz Green
CEO Greenlight Professional Development
{I loved Jill Lublin's virtual Publicity Crash Course. It gave me exactly what I needed to structure and optimize my publicity postings. Great formulas to use to get the message out - in the right way, all while having lots of fun and getting to know other entrepreneurs. Plus getting multiple goodies as surprises. I recommend this course to everyone who wants to grow their business.
Annika S
{My great appreciation to Jill Lublin, for sharing her knowledge and wisdom about successfully publicizing one's value. Jill's training is chock full of incredibly powerful information, shared in an organized, intentional and focused way. Now I know what to do and when to do it to become the successful publicist of my own work and business.
Marjorie Saulson
Communication Confidence Coach
{Jill provides huge value and is a total expert in explaining what we need to be doing in terms of getting ourselves, our businesses,and our books out there and known. Work with her!
Sara H
{I was so amazed with how Jill over delvers with her PR Crash Course. She opened up a whole new world of PR possibilities. Jill has a magical way of conveying information and uncovering the PR world - I was so honored and thankful for the course and very much appreciated all the extra bonuses. Thank you so much Jill! Michelle Salinas
Michelle Salinas
Author, Business Coach, CEO of The Digital Edge
mystery person
{I love Jill Lublin because I learned about the basics of PR, including announcements and press releases.
William M
{I attended Jill's virtual Publicity Crash Course and it was jampacked full of so much information that I could implement right away. The value of this course was incredible. She is passionate and so very generous with everything she offers. I didn't really know what to expect and I left with a wealth of tools, connections, and opportunities. I am excited to participate more in whatever she offers.
Jacquie Metzger
{I got my money’s worth in the first hour of Jill’s publicity course. Her training and supportive team allowed me to get clear on my priorities and shift my thinking to more profitability.
Cristine P
{The course moved fast. My suggestion for a longer lasting memory of topics presented would be to send out the slides immediately after the presentation. Would be good to have more specific details in slides for downloading so attendees could review the materials again and again.
Mj Pramik
{I love the Publicity Crash Course because it took the mystery out of using publicity. I have always gotten away from being in the fore-front of my business. I have wanted to have the confidence to promote myself, message and business. Jill is an amazing communicator and encourager. I am so excited and hopeful for my future. I give her 5 stars!!!
Kathleen H
{I enjoyed Jill Lublin's Publicity Crash Course when I took it in person a few years back. I just took it again online and I enjoyed it even more! Throughout the day, she had us reflect on what we were learning, which supported integration of the material. She used props to keep us engaged as well as inspired which made the class even more fun. She packs so much information into the day and creates such value for the attendees. Thank you Jill Lublin for sharing your kindness, care and your 30 plus years of expertise!
Terri M
{Jill took me and others through a six hour Publicity Crash course. I was amazed at her positive energy, organization and ability to keep us engaged, share her knowledge and make us do the important work right then and there so we came out with a product. I've been looking for a resource that could guide me on a high strategic level as well as the basics. Jill does it all! I'm excited to continue my journey learning from Jill who has over 30 years of experience and has a huge heart!
Kristine O
Author, Campfire Confession, (releasing March 8, 2022), Founder of "Creating Your Amazing Life" workshops and Positivity Expert, and Motivational Speaker
{ Jill covers a plethora of topics involving publicity, marketing, and media and how to make the most of each of them. She takes the challenging world of getting your message out and making yourself known and breaks it down into practical, easy to follow steps, how to's, and when to's. Whether you're a newbie or already known in your industry, you will find valuable insights, tips, and tricks to take your reputation and your business to the next level.
Wendy Lyon
{Jill is so generous with her information and knowledge. I like her style and energy. She has an easy to follow process and genuinely wants to help people. I am looking forward to working with her more.
Bonnie W
mystery person
{Excellent , concise workshop with so many practical tools! Jill's guidance is easy to follow and put into action effectively. I've walked away with some valuable upgrade to my messaging and publicity!
Vahbiz S
{Attending the Virtual Publicity Crash Course was a real game-changer! Jill’s depth of knowledge and infectious energy made every minute engaging and worthwhile. I walked away with a wealth of practical strategies in navigating the world of publicity. Thank you, Jill
Sally Kauffman
{I loved Jill's Publicity Crash Course. I already had a bio but with the skills learned in Jill's course I wrote a new, more powerful bio. Thank you Jill for your wonderful message and thank you for being a messenger of messengers. You have helped me to get my message out in a concise and powerful way. I believe in the power of PR and I have the tools and confidence to get my message out.
Bob Burton
President, Speed Leaders Solutions, LLC
{I'm so grateful for today's presentation! Jill asked us to be present and attentive and she certainly showed that by example. So much focus and energy! I got more out of this than I did during months of webinars and training sessions... Jill knows exactly how to empower her clients and I'm ready to get going with my publicity strategy! I have tips galore that I can implement right away in my process to launch my online course. Thank you so much Jill!
Rika S
{Jill's course was unbelievably helpful. I cannot convey how much I learned--I thought I knew so much. The entire day wasn't long enough. I didn't want to leave the seminar. Jill's energy is amazing and really kept the flow of the day. It truly felt like ease and flow; because then you grow and glow. Truly an inspiration. I felt inspired.
Laura C
{I was able to use many of the strategies that Jill taught, including her problem/solution strategy that I used to promote my new book. Jill is the milk of human kindness and she gives without expecting anything. Jill I appreciate you very much. Joan Wakefield
Joan Wakefield
{This was an awesome event. The information and interactions that were experienced were priceless. Jill Lublin is a valuable asset to public relations and her ability and willingness to share her knowledge is greatly appreciated. There were so many gems that I can't wait to use. Much appreciated!
Crystal G
{Jill gives unbelievable value in her publicity crash course. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to increase exposure of their message and service. Thank you Jill.
Mike G
{I am so happy to be part of Jill Lublin's class, she's giving us such a wealth of nuggets, helping us one by one to be able to be successful in our business. This is an awesome class that I'm taking and I truly appreciate it. I can't wait for the next, the weekend, the next two classes that we'll take. I know I'm gonna learn a lot more. Wanda P
Wanda P
mystery person
{ Jill's insights and digestible publicity bites and workbook are very helpful and empowering.
Maris S
{The VIP program was crucial to my business success. Working with Jill gave me the clarity I needed in my business. With Jill’s help, I walked away with a clear strategy of what I wanted to accomplish for the year and the support to make it happen. I recommend this program for any entrepreneur who wants to elevate their business.
Pat Alva-Kraker
Author of best seller “Katherines Quest; One Woman’s Journey to Elation”
{At her workshop Jill guided me in creating a press release. I sent it out and immediately received an interview and full page article on the front of the Lifestyle section of the Marin Independent Journal. It included large color photos and was posted in their online news. I just signed up for Jill’s 8 week program with confidence that she will continue to help me promote my book and project.
Sherry Brier
{Jill Lublin is both interesting as well as informative. I would highly recommend her for ALL of your marketing and publicity needs.
Michael K
mystery person
{I love Jill Lublin’s Crash Course in Publicity! Wherever you are in your business or projects she gives you all you need to succeed and benefit from the power of publicity. Every new business venture or idea I have I return to this course to get seen and get the word out about it. This is a must attend course.
Debra Shine
Entrepreneurs Profit System
{Before working with Jill I had no thoughts where to start with PR for my business. I knew I needed it and that it is always important, but no experience. Throughout the day I spent with Jill there were many moments where the pieces came together. I was relieved to know I already had some good habits and ideas. Then she added several possibilities to my list! Now I know my 3, 6, and 9 month plan to make sure my PR is on point. So many ways to power up my business and presence that are easily accessible, even in my own neighborhood. Thank you, Jill, for the insight, professionalism and resources. My business is already better!
Jason A
mystery person
{I loved Jill's course. She delivers a lot of highly valuable information in a concise and easy-to-follow manner. I have a clear blueprint of what to do next and am excited to implement the plan. I strongly recommend Jill's program!
Anita A
{I love Jill Lublin because I learned about the basics of PR, including announcements and press releases.
Ann W
{I recently attended Jill Lublin's Publicity Crash Course. If you are looking for methods of promotions that are creative and take less time to implement, this course has some solutions for you. This course points you in the right direction to get your message out there.
Richard M
Morden Life Transformation Coach
{I enjoyed Jill Lublin's Publicity course. She offered valuable information on how to publicize yourself to the world. I will utilize her techniques in my business and personal life. Thank you for creating this program for us.
Trish M
{The reason I recommend Jill Lublin to my clients and the reason I have her speak at my events is because Jill delivers. Templates, systems, step-by-step, no kidding, and that's why I love Jill's stuff. Penelope Jane Van Hulle
Penelope Jane Van Hulle
Real Prosperity Inc.
{Hi, I am Gillian Larson, I am the founder, President and Event Producer for Reality Rally, a non-profit organization that raises money to support people dealing with cancer through Michele's Place. I have just recently taken Jill Lublin's Crash Course and it was incredable. Gillian Larson
Gillian Larson
President and Event Producer for Reality Rally
{I loved Jill's Quick Action Publicity workshop. I came with a vague message and a simple bio. I had a clear message, a finished biography, and a simple process to announce new accomplishments by the end of the day. She made the process super simple and understandable.
Debra F
{I loved Jill's Publicity Crash Course, her tips had gotten me featured in Authority.com Medium, Entrepreneur.com and Buzzfeed before I even did the course!! What she teaches works and the investment of your time and money will be absolutely worth it. Do not wait to learn from Jill, you will be so happy that you did!
{ Hi, I just finished Jill Lublin's publicity crash course and what an event it was. Jill shared her vast publicity knowledge with all the attendees and delivered that knowledge with an energy that was motivational. I've been a brand marketing and content professional for many, many years, and I still gained new insights and had other insights reaffirmed and reinforced. I'd recommend Jill's publicity crash course, or any of her courses for that matter, to anyone in any industry and at any stage of their career. Wanda P
Barbara M
mystery person
{ Jill has a sincere and professional approach to what she brings to her clients. The value add for her clients are her wonderful connections and panelists. She has rich knowledge of her industry and willingness to work with people from all sorts of backgrounds.
Ritu C
{Jill Lublin is a masterful teacher and truly understands the power of publicity, the tools and resources we have at our fingertips, and how to implement strategies being seen and heard by millions. Thank you Jill!
Becky N
{Jill Lublin is AMAZING and so is her Publicity Crash Course I just retook 3 times!! The first time was several years ago when I was just starting out in business and needed exposure asap …which I got. The 2nd was online which I needed to refresh and get back out there after being in a down cycle … and now the 3rd time to relaunch and pivot my message and enlightening tea and real estate businesses to the world … and now that’s exactly what I’m doing and all thanks to Jill and her SUPER VALUABLE PUBLICITY CRASH COURSE with the knowledge and resources provided for me to make it happen!!
James P
{I've spent enough time with Jill Lublin now to know that when she says my friend she really means it. She establishes that connection very early on in her working with you that that's what it feels like, that you're working with a friend in a partnership. And let's face it, publicity can be daunting. For those of us who kind of grew up with black and white TV, publicity was for everybody else and now Jill has brought publicity to people like us to get our names out there and more importantly our message out there so that the world hears all of the incredible messages that we as solopreneurs have to share so you know you can't go wrong with working with somebody like Jill. Janet K
Janet K
mystery person
{ I have attended Jill’s class for publicity! Such a fun and informative experience for anyone who needs to be seen, heard, and recognized! Highly recommend to connect with her and join her community for love & kindness
Peiming Sun
{I really got a lot out of Jill Lublin's Publishing Crash Course teaching me how to speak 'reporter'. How to create an effective Press Release that gets noticed.
Stephen A
{The reason I recommend Jill Lublin to my clients and the reason I have her speak at my events is because Jill delivers. Templates, systems, step-by-step, no kidding, and that's why I love Jill's stuff. Lisa Coffey
Lisa Coffey
Managing Director, E-Women Network, Colorado Springs
mystery person
{Jill Lublin is a fantastic teacher! She gets right down to business and she really knows her stuff. I am amazed at all her experience, her many many connections, and her willingness to help her students succeed.
Susan M
{The Publicity course with Jill Lublin was outstanding. Jill is a well springing with relevant and useful information that will propel your business, brand, or book to the next level. I can’t wait to attend her next bootcamp.
Barron J.
{I've had a huge take-away... Jill's Crash Course is fabulous! Go study with Jill, she knows what she's talking about.
Kim Tucker Hodous
The Kitchen Table CEO, Fayetteville, AR
{Jill's Publicity Crash Course gave me all the tools I need to start building meaningful publicity for my business. As a speechwriter and presentation consultant, I know that "messages matter", and Jill's entire process is built on honoring and enhancing what you can bring to audiences.
J.T. Compeau
Founder, The Content Interpreter LLC
mystery person
{I loved Jill Lublin's Crash Course in Publicity because she focuses on what works and she keeps it simple. I left with some helpful ideas to get me started with gaining more publicity for my business.
Linda B
{Jill's Publicity webinars are always exceptional. I could take them over and over because I always come away with something new. And each time I am meant to be there just then. Love the Universe. Love Jill!
Jacque Z
{For the past 10 years, I've been to every workshop you could possibly imagine. Initially I was very skeptical of Jill's publicity event. I've learned so much and have taken so many notes. - I would have paid three times what I've invested in this course. When she teaches you something, she has you apply it right there in the course. I highly recommend participating in Jill's course. Stephanie Bebe
Stephanie Beeby
Founder, Inflow CEO
{Hello, I am Catherine M Laub, Mental Health Advocate, Podcast Host, and Author. I met Jill Lublin a few weeks ago and felt an automatic connection with her. I immediately signed up for her Publicity Crash Course. During the training, I learned a lot about promoting myself including always be ready to say yes. Jill made it so easy to plan ahead with her many great tidbits and resources. I thought using all that I am in my promotions was too much information for my audience, but Jill suppressed that thought. I am following up with Jill’s Get Your Darn Book and Publicity Done Group Program. Thank you, Jill, for opening my eyes to all the possibilities.
Catherine M Laub
 Speaker, Advocate for Mental Health ,Podcast Host, Award-Winning Author and Spiritual Guide
{I've taken Jill's Publicity Course twice - what I like about it is that its so simple and concise. What its done for my business is that it's created a publicity snowball. I've used her techniques and it just keeps bringing in more referrals. I highly recommend it. Bob Caffe
Bob Caffe
Med Info Vial
{If you have a message to share with the world, you should meet Jill Lubin and take her publicity training. I can't say enough about Jill and her program. Cheryl Hodgson
Cheryl Hodgson
Attorney, Author & Host of the Brandaide Podcast
{Jill did a wonderful job explaining the importance of good publicity, and going into great details on how to get it.
Ilya G
mystery person
{ Jill Lublin really knows the secrets of getting publicity for your business. She'll teach you how to do what a PR firm would charge a lot of money to do. And she really cares about you and your success!
Jan M. Seabaugh
Certified Brain Injury Specialist, coach, and bestselling author of "How to Recover from Your Concussion/Brain Injury." TheTBIConsultant.com
{I just took Jill Lublin's Publicity Crash Course and I was amazed by how much value I got in a short amount of time. Mrs. Andrea I. Hancock
Mrs. Andrea I. Hancock
Director of Operations Dexterous Organizing
{Thank you for a super valuable day of publicity content! Many years ago I worked in the PR business and today you reminded me of the many resources and tools I’ve used to create international media coverage for others and myself. You have inspired me to use all of who I AM in my PR and to get myself out there. You are a powerful teacher and example. Thank you!
Rich Oceguera
Host & Producer
{Before Jill's Publicity Crash Course, I was lost in the clouds about how to market myself. She has given us a basic structure to follow, spelled out the details and made it as simple as possible. Her best tips: "Just needs to be Done, not perfect" & "My Personal Story is my most Powerful Tool for Marketing." Jill is a gracious, generous, big-hearted & caring expert. I'm honored & blessed to receive her worthy downloads. Big Gratitude.
Michele Newman
{Jill invited me to take her Crash Course in Publicity as a donation to Create Now, the nonprofit organization I founded (createnow.org). She shared so many great tips in just one day, which will bolster my charity's success. I received guidance in writing a tight bio and press releases, along with lists of media connections. Jill also gifted the class group with presentations by several wonderful coaches who shared nuggets of valuable info and offered everyone free consultations. I'm so grateful for the generosity of Jill Lublin. The PR techniques that I learned from her will raise awareness about the thousands of abused, homeless and other vulnerable kids who can thrive through the therapeutic power of the arts so they can Create Now.
Jill G
mystery person
{I love the Publicity Breakthrough course because it helps me to prepared to be media ready and preparation process. I have a better idea how to write my bio, present a problem and solution in an effective way with sound bites and incorporating my gifts if results I provided and so much more. I find this workshop to be valuable. Looking forward to the results I will be producing out of Jill's workshop.
Danielle K
{I just took Jill Lublin's live Publicity Crash Course and wish I had found out about Jill and her courses sooner! I learned great tips to craft my message and bio in a much clearer and more powerful way. I will be incorporating Jill's expert advice into my publicity materials. Thank you Jill - I'm so grateful for your wisdom and kindness!
Alison Jones
mystery person
{It's obvious that Jill is a professional and really knows her stuff! She has frameworks that makes it easy to put your critical messages in place (bio, announcement, promos). That's the jumping off point and then she helps you soar from there!
Susan Trumpler
{My name is Kelly Hansen, I am the founder of BCC Evolution Mental Health and Suicide Awareness, non-profit. I recently took Jill Lublin's Publicity Crash Course and it was so amazing. Kelly Hansen
Kelly Hansen
BCC Evolution
{Before taking Jill's course, I'd had in in my mind that only big companies were worthy of publicity. I left with a renewed sense of the value of my work and the benefits of leveraging publicity for my messaging. Jill also gave me great direct feedback and input that I will use to create more visibility and help me reach my business goals.
Beth Nelseon
Founder Ignited Women and Midlife Mentor
mystery person
{ Jill Lublin is a damn delight. Her Publicity Crash Course was bursting with beneficial guidance and nuggets, so be ready to buckle in and take notes from moment one! This was truly hands-on and the feedback from small group collaborators was very helpful. I definitely recommend this session!
Samantha S

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