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The VIP Program is Crucial to Your Business Success


VIP Coaching Program

Take your business to a whole new level of mastery and success

The VIP Coaching Program is an unprecedented tool to establish a powerful, comprehensive publicity strategy for your business. Over a 12-month period, Jill will mentor you to define and create an influential and robust powerhouse publicity machine that works every angle and delivers measurable results. Empower yourself like never before!

√ Develop your company’s unique and compelling message

√ Establish a company-wide publicity strategy that works consistently

√ Present your business effectively in any environment

√ Discover and recover money that is misspent

√ Accurately define your audience, your market and your niche

√ Incorporate expert methods to reach new markets

√ Gain a priceless media toolkit that inspires the media to action!

The VIP program was crucial to my business success. Working with Jill gave me the clarity I needed in my business. With Jill’s help, I walked away with a clear strategy of what I wanted to accomplish for the year and the support to make it happen. I recommend this program for any entrepreneur who wants to elevate their business.

~ Pat Alva-Kraker – author of best seller “Katherines Quest; One Woman’s Journey to Elation”


At the heart of the Program is an extraordinary VIP DAY that entitles you to an in-depth and far-reaching day by day strategy meeting with Jill. You and your spouse, partner, or key employee will meet with Jill (in person or via Zoom) to transform your media campaigns into powerhouse media machines. Together, you’ll identify weak and problem-prone areas of your publicity campaigns, hone your methods of outreach, and develop media-targeted instruments that you can use again and again. You’ll fine-tune and organize every document you need to make your publicity efforts fruitful. And you’ll have at your fingertips a fully-functioning publicity system as effective as those of expensive PR firms.


You’ll own the instruments of successful publicity that you can leverage well into the future:

Once you master the art of business promotion the way the experts do, you’ll never have to hire a costly PR agency again. You can save tens of thousands of dollars and empower yourself to oversee PR campaigns that really work.

Learn from the expert and change the course of your business!

• Are you uncertain about how to run a successful publicity campaign?

• Is the reach of your business more shallow than what it should be?

• Are you too busy to attend publicity events and pour over PR learning materials?

• Have you got better things to do than hunt for the tips and tricks of increasing your business’ visibility?

• Do you want to learn from an expert how to master publicity and transform the course of your business?

If you’ve answered Yes to any of these questions: Call us now!
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{I was able to use many of the strategies that Jill taught, including her problem/solution strategy that I used to promote my new book. Jill is the milk of human kindness and she gives without expecting anything. Jill I appreciate you very much. Joan Wakefield
Joan Wakefield
{My goal was to open a new business as well as a decade long desire to write a book so Jill was the perfect person for me to connect with. She gives you step-by-step ways to get going on your publicity plan or book writing. Not only that but I love her message of kindness and giving people value and treat them with respect. Jill coaches to develop your message of how you want to serve the world. And what I learned. It’s not enough to just have a clear message you have to understand how to deliver that message and Jill shows you multiple ways to get that done. Jill is just a really great lady with so much experience and expertise she very skillfully guides you through the process and makes it exciting and enjoyable. It’s a one day class but I feel like you get three days of work done she’s very efficient as she moves from topic to topic and I’ll just tell you this you’ll never be bored.
Nancy M
{Before taking Jill's course, I'd had in in my mind that only big companies were worthy of publicity. I left with a renewed sense of the value of my work and the benefits of leveraging publicity for my messaging. Jill also gave me great direct feedback and input that I will use to create more visibility and help me reach my business goals. Beth Nelseon
Beth Nelseon
Founder Ignited Women and Midlife Mentor
{Jill presented to ICF Michigan as part of our Professional Development Webinar Series. In a quick 60-minute time frame, she shared a treasure-trove of practical information to help coaches raise their visibility and credibility through the media. It was obvious her content resonated, as reflected in how many attendees actively participated through their questions and comments. Jill was generous with her expertise and experience; you’ll be happy to have engaged her!
Beth Buelow
PCC President 2021, ICF Michigan Charter Chapter
{Jill's 12 - month pr strategy has totally shifted my perspective and I'm completely re-writing how I've been looking at publicity and media. If you get the chance, I highly encourage you to work with Jill. Kim Hodous
Kim Hodous
The Happiness Speaker
{The publicity crash course really opened my eyes and slapped me in the face as to how wrong I’ve been approaching creating our content. There’s so much that we’re revisiting and revising. What we also didn’t realize, is there are so many resources to get seen literally at our fingertips!
Jason G
{Jill is amazing. She takes some mysterious aspects of the media and turns them into a very simple formula that will forever change my business. Thank you Jill for an incredible day! Vicky Wintertton
Vicky Wintertton
Founder Expert Insights Publishing
{I'd heard from many people about how great Jill is with publicity. I finally took her training course and I'm so glad that I did. She is able to take her publicity strategies and chunk them down into very simple doable steps and I realized that there were things I was doing around publicity that I was making way too complicated. Art Giser
Art Giser
Speaker, Author, Developer of Energetic NLP
{I was so amazed with how Jill over delvers with her PR Crash Course. She opened up a whole new world of PR possibilities. Jill has a magical way of conveying information and uncovering the PR world - I was so honored and thankful for the course and very much appreciated all the extra bonuses. Thank you so much Jill! Michelle Salinas
Michelle Salinas
Author, Business Coach, CEO of The Digital Edge
{Jill taught us to plant my "publicity garden" at 30, 60 and 90 day intervals. With her expert guidance, we created several ready to go documents to get our publicity off to a flying start. She also brought several bonus experts to the course and they all shared great information. She exceeded all of my expectations - thanks's Jill! Barbara Engrasia
Barbara Engrasia
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