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By Practicing Kindness in Your Business,
You Can Increase Your Income

The Need For Kindness Is Greater Than Ever Before

Networking can get you anything you want


Press Release: Networking for Fun and Profit

(Novato, CA)… Network your way up the corporate ladder or network your way to your wedding day. Jill Lublin says networking can get you anything you want. Networking extends to virtually every facet of life. Jill’s best selling book, Networking Magic (Adams Media), shows readers how to effectively and efficiently use networking as a tool for quickly reaching professional and personal goals. Networking Magic helps anyone get on the inside track to the most lucrative jobs, the top experts, the highest-quality services, and the least expensive products. Make connections that lead to the best contacts, the best opportunities, and the best solutions. This is one book that unlocks any door!

“Make a strong first impression; talk to everyone you meet; listen intently; become skilled at sensing people’s needs; be prepared; find common denominators; be honest, courteous and fair; always have ideas and suggestions to share; and smile!”, Jill advises. Be prepared ahead of time with a sound bite to introduce yourself you will be able to walk into any situation with confidence. Jill’s networking list of don’ts includes: don’t act desperate, don’t show off or brag, don’t interrupt, don’t just talk about you, don’t misrepresent yourself, don’t pry, and don’t be discouraged. She reminds us to keep an open mind and look at all circumstances as an opportunity to make exciting beneficial connections. Enjoy yourself!

Jill gives you immediate action items you can do today:

1. Ask for help. Call the gatekeepers and make a case for yourself. Be motivated and motivating, show yourself as the kind of person that people want to invest in.
2. Ask the who question. Who do you know who needs… most people don’t succeed because they don’t ask specific enough questions.
3. Know in advance what it is you need to know – do your research.
4. Earn your bragging rights – know that to network means you have to make a case for yourself and be willing to be bold in who you are and how you present yourself.

Jill Lublin is an internationally acclaimed speaker and best selling author of the books, Guerrilla Publicity and Networking Magic. She is the CEO of the strategic consulting firm Promising Promotion and founder of GoodNews Media, Inc. Jill hosts the nationally syndicated radio show Do the Dream, has a TV show called The Connecting Minute, and is working on her third book to be published by McGraw-Hill in 2008. She can be reached by phone at 415-883-5455 or by email at

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