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Press Release: Networking Magic 2nd Edition

(Novato, CA)… Guerrilla Publicity gurus Jill Lublin and Rick Frishman have released the Second Edition of their book Networking Magic. Networking extends to virtually every facet of life. Networking Magic (Adams Media) shows readers how to effectively and efficiently use networking as a tool for quickly reaching professional and personal goals. Networking is the process of building and maintaining relationships. That means developing a team to support efforts that reach your respective goals and those of team. It means forging bonds, sharing information, and connecting with people with common objectives and interests who generously give to one another.

Networking applies to all areas of life, including:

Recreation & Travel

Health & Fitness
Hobbies and interests

“Think of networking as a relationship and an extremely valuable marketing tool to help you secure important information about things that are beneficial to you in making life decisions,” says Jill Lublin, CEO of the strategic consulting firm Promising Promotion… and Networking Diva. “Most of us however only practice transaction networking. That means only interacting with people we think we have to, in order to complete the transaction. That doesn’t cut it if the goal is to get as much complete and varied information as possible.”

Experienced networkers contacted by the authors keyed in on several essential requirements for a successful network relationship—target the right audience; make a strong first impression; network with people you emulate; talk to everyone you meet; listen intently; be willing to help; become skilled at sensing people’s needs; be prepared; find common denominators; be honest, courteous and fair; always have ideas and suggestions to share; be quick to thank people for their assistance; and keep network referrers informed.

The authors remind us: information must remain current—it cannot become stale. To accomplish this, networks must constantly receive an influx of new and relevant information. It is this information that network members take, analyze, and then distribute to those within the network who can make the best use of it.

NETWORKING MAGIC helps anyone get on the inside track to the most lucrative jobs, the top experts, the highest-quality services, and the least expensive products. This is one book that unlocks any door!

Publication Data:
NETWORKING MAGIC: Find the Best—from Doctors, Lawyers, and Accountants to Homes, Schools, and Restaurants (February 2015, Morgan James Publishing)
by Jill Lublin and Rick Frishman

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