Flynn Creek Circus | Jill Lublin Show|Jill Lublin

Flynn Creek Circus is a theatrical circus company operated out of Mendocino County, California. Directed by Blaze Birge and David Jones, also known as the Daring Jones Duo. Flynn Creek Circus was founded in 2002.

Here is the write up for this year’s show:

Featuring original music from Eric McFadden and Kate Vargas
A father gives a balloon to his daughter and instills a lasting memory that follows her throughout their life journey together.

The 2022 season show is a series of real memories submitted by our audience and interpreted in wild acrobatics, comedy and awe-inspiring stunts. Deeply personal vignettes string together a larger story about the illusive, fleeting nature of time and how it transforms, defines and inspires us. Internationally award winning talents from around the globe come together in this star-studded cast of creators. This is the show everyone will be talking about this Summer.

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