3 Steps to Forming Networks That Consistently Send You Referrals

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We all have networks. They consist of everyone we know: our friends, family, and business associates. Our doctors, dentists, dry cleaners, mechanics, and CPAs are also members of our networks.
Why Build Your Network?
Networks are an invaluable source of referrals. Referral expert Joanne Black, the author of No More Cold Calling (Business Plus, 2007) notes that when you get clients or customers through referrals:

You are pre-sold. They have heard about and want to work with you.

Don’t Talk in Code: Making Your Business Message Clear

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Language can be unclear so define all key terms to make sure that everyone is speaking the same language. For example, I tell people that I am going to help them create a message that the media will say yes to. Many people may not understand what I mean by the word “message,” so I define it for them. Their message is a one or two sentence introduction that explains the benefits they will provide.

Overcoming discomfort

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Most people are uncomfortable promoting themselves. Debbie Allen, the author of Confessions of Shameless Self-Promoters (McGraw-Hill, 2005), and a professional business speaker polled thousands of members of her audiences. She found that 85% were uncomfortable with the idea of promoting themselves. Their feelings stemmed from their being taught that modesty is a virtue and they boast or brag.
Noted speaker, Mimi Donaldson (www.mimidonaldson.com, Bless), author of Bless Your Stress It Means You’re Still Alive (Yes!