Jill Lublin | Jill Lublin

Your Campaign Starts With You

People want you to be authentic. They want to know that what you say is true, that you will deliver as promised, and that your product or service will work as advertised. If you hope to garner great publicity, your campaign must be authentic as well. It has to come...

Introduce Yourself with A Soundbite

In our busy world, no one has time for the full story—they want a synopsis, a digest, a capsule that takes only seconds to deliver, is easy to swallow, and resonates in their minds. And it must contain everything they need to know. Since publicity is about getting...

Put Yourself On The Map

A subtle, but important change has taken place in publicity. Instead of trying to promote individuals, businesses, and their products and services, the focus has shifted to making connections with smaller communities, building relationships with their members, and...

Think “Headlines”

We live in a world of headlines. Headlines are the labels that tell us what articles are about and help us decide what to read. Like their cousin the sound bite, headlines are informative shortcuts for people who don’t have time to read, or even scan, the whole story....

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