Quick Tips to create solid connections and more meaningful relationships

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Connecting is the art of building relationships; relationships that last. It’s the forming of bonds with people that can grow into deeper, closer, more meaningful relationships.
Making close connections is essential because people prefer to work and interact those with whom they feel connected. They share common interests, feelings, values, and beliefs. They trust them and want to help them more. Instead of concentrating on closing one-time sales, work to build close, long-term connections that will endure.

Publicity for Businesses is the Same All Over the World

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Hello from the Kiwi land!!

I’m here in beautiful New Zealand doing speaking engagements. Watching businesses in New Zealand I have realized that publicity is really the same all over. 
It’s important to create brand recognition and marketplace referrals. Remember that recognition is important locally, nationally and internationally. Focus on the right one for you. 
I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the passing of Zig Ziglar. He was a great man who contributed so much to our world. 

Ask For and Use Testimonials!

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Use testimonials from your customers to your advantage. They help build your credibility, so compile a testimonial file. Ask everyone you work with for written endorsements; leave no stone unturned!
Guidelines for securing Testimonials

Get in the habit of asking every client or customer for letters of praise.

Ask them to state how great your work was and how much they enjoyed working with you. You’ll be surprised how highly they extol you and how wonderfully they express it

Ask for endorsements during the first thirty to sixty days or as soon as short-term projects are complete

Have your clients/customers write their testimonials on their letterhead and limit them to one or two paragraphs

Explain to clients/customers that you plan to post the testimonials on your newsletter,

Taking the First Step

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OK, now you know that you have to take action and begin. The question is where do you start? Consider organizational events. They can be the ideal places to begin making contacts because virtually everyone who attends these events is there to network and make connections. Frequently, these events have been structured to facilitate networking. Specific times have been set-aside for attendees to meet one another, interact, and make connect.
The fact that these events are networking oriented can take the pressure off shy,

Where to-Get Noticed!

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In whatever you do, take that first, essential step; dive into the water. You may have developed the ideal solution for a major problem or invented a product that fills a critical void, but what good are they if you never implement your plans. Don’t waste your time sitting around, thinking, planning, and tinkering because you will never get your businesses off the ground. Instead, get started, do something, make a move. Put yourself out there and see where you land.

Top Ten Tips for Writing a Press Release That Will Get Noticed

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1. Type, never handwrite. Double space, use BIG margins, and leave lots of white space. Editors use the white space to edit.
2. Avoid BIG letterheads. They take up space on the page and can shout, “my message is weak, but look at my credentials.”
3. Type the press release on your stationery.
4. Name the contact. Skip a few lines below the letterhead and list the person to call for more information.

Play the Numbers Game and Play It Well

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The relationships you build with the media are mutually beneficial. The media constantly needs fresh information and they look for people like you to provide it. Expect, but don’t be discouraged by disappointment and rejection. The media sees thousands of press releases and notes every day.
Here’s a few ways you can make the numbers game work for you:
Press releases: the best part about free publicity.
The media wants and expects press releases. Send them hot relevant stories and they’ll love you.