Crises Control—confront disasters and turn them around!

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In light of the pandemic we thought we’d share some crisis control tips from guerrilla publicity as its relevant for this time.
“Crises and deadlocks when they occur have at least this advantage, they force us to think.” —Jawaharlal Nehru, former Indian Prime Minister
Your brand, your business or product name, is your most important asset and once you’ve established it, it must be protected at all costs. Otherwise it can destroy your business.
Every book seems to include a warning about Murphy’s Law— and our book is no exception.

First Impressions

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Immediately make a great first impression by introducing yourself with a sound bite. Use the sound bite to create a solid connection with important new contacts quickly.
Your sound bite is your verbal business card. It’s the introduction that tells others several things:
■ Who you are
■ What you do
■ The specific benefits you can provide
Here are some examples:
“I’m Dr. Delicato, DDS. In my chair you have no pain, no drugs, no anxiety—just healthy teeth and a radiant smile.”
“My portraits let you preserve those beautiful moments of you and your family and treasure them for life.”
“I bring delicious,

Fifteen Things the Media Loves

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Fifteen Things the Media Loves
“Reporters are like alligators. You don’t have to love them, you don’t even have to like them. But you do have to feed them.” —Anonymous
Have you ever thought what you can do to become friends with the media? Use each set of fifteen points wisely to get their attention and start build good relationships with the media.
News Above all else, the media wants newsworthy items. 
The first thing they ask is,

The Power Referral Program

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Branding expert Dick Bruso has developed the Power Referral Program®. His system is premised on the belief that people do business with you for four reasons. Because:

They trust you.
They like you.
You are competent in your area of expertise.
You have integrity.

Here’s how Bruso’s Power Referral Program® works:

Create a list of ten people you love and who love you regardless of whether they are in the business you are trying to reach.

Having Integrity

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“If you have integrity, you will get noticed,” T. Harv Eker believes. “So few people have integrity that if you have it, you will standout. Keep your word, be reliable, do what you said you would, over deliver.”
Businesses that last are based on integrity. They always do a great job, strike fair deals, and treat people well. They exist to serve their customers, not just their shareholders. Reliability and value are the foundation, the base,

Ask For and Use Testimonials!

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Use testimonials from your customers to your advantage. They help build your credibility, so compile a testimonial file. Ask everyone you work with for written endorsements; leave no stone unturned!
Guidelines for securing Testimonials

Get in the habit of asking every client or customer for letters of praise.

Ask them to state how great your work was and how much they enjoyed working with you. You’ll be surprised how highly they extol you and how wonderfully they express it

Ask for endorsements during the first thirty to sixty days or as soon as short-term projects are complete

Have your clients/customers write their testimonials on their letterhead and limit them to one or two paragraphs

Explain to clients/customers that you plan to post the testimonials on your newsletter,

Work Your Way onto Center Stage

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Publicity is the art of stirring up interest to promote you or your product or service. It’s convincing others to sing your praises, to blare from the rooftops:

Who you are,
What you do, and
Why it’s important.

Publicity will put you on the map because it:

Builds your identity.
Increases your visibility.
Generates name recognition.
Gets your message across.
Compels people to buy, invest, and do business with you.

Publicity is the art of putting yourself in the spotlight.

Be the News — Easy Tactics for Publicity Success!

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Join me for this free call where I will share publicity strategies without spending a fortune.
These practical, no-nonsense tips will help you create your media message with specifc resources to get more credibility & visibility now.
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Taking the First Step

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OK, now you know that you have to take action and begin. The question is where do you start? Consider organizational events. They can be the ideal places to begin making contacts because virtually everyone who attends these events is there to network and make connections. Frequently, these events have been structured to facilitate networking. Specific times have been set-aside for attendees to meet one another, interact, and make connect.
The fact that these events are networking oriented can take the pressure off shy,

How to Become a Celebrity On a Shoestring Budget

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Master showman PT Barnum said, “A terrible thing happens without publicity … NOTHING!” Whether you’re a one-person road show or a major corporation, you need people to know about you. Publicity is your best friend if used well and is a terrible waste if ignored. Publicity is the most overlooked marketing tool and also the least expensive, least risky…
Publicity, public relations, and advertising
Publicity is free media exposure for your product or service.