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Business is not always about money, although for most people the bottom line influences a lot of their decisions. In business, profits are always a consideration; they are the measuring rod. But sometimes the best way to get noticed is by forgoing some profits, charging a bit less, giving a little more—balancing it out. While I was working on a consulting project with an old client, she was having severe money issues. Since she had to keep her expenses down,

The Power Referral Program

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Branding expert Dick Bruso has developed the Power Referral Program®. His system is premised on the belief that people do business with you for four reasons. Because:

They trust you.
They like you.
You are competent in your area of expertise.
You have integrity.

Here’s how Bruso’s Power Referral Program® works:

Create a list of ten people you love and who love you regardless of whether they are in the business you are trying to reach.


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Adjust your attitude. Assume the role of the person that you want to be; a person who has already achieved success.

“Always self-promote’ 24/7 and be very intentional.” Tommy Newberry the author of The 4:8 Principle (Tyndale House Publishers, 2007) states. “First, know what your end game is, where you want to be, how you want to be perceived, at least 10 years down the road if not 20 or 30. The clearer you know at the outset what you want your life and career to be,


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When I first started my business, I felt that I should be able to run every aspect of it myself. After all, I reasoned, it was my business and I should handle whatever was involved. Soon, I found that although I had skills, I also had holes; big, gaping holes where I was deficient. I knew publicity and I had a talent for connecting people, but I didn’t understand what a P & L was and why I needed it.

From Email Inquiries to Tangible Contracts: Communicating Properly to Create Working Relationships

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As soon as possible, confirm all verbal agreements. Take the initiative and contact the other party while the terms are still fresh in your minds. Confirm your agreement even if you plan to execute a formal contract so that no questions exist on the basic deal.
In early June, Stan, a motion producer, called me. He said that he was interested in working with me on a project that would not start until the fall.

Having Integrity

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“If you have integrity, you will get noticed,” T. Harv Eker believes. “So few people have integrity that if you have it, you will standout. Keep your word, be reliable, do what you said you would, over deliver.”
Businesses that last are based on integrity. They always do a great job, strike fair deals, and treat people well. They exist to serve their customers, not just their shareholders. Reliability and value are the foundation, the base,


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Get noticed by being professional please your clients and customers by learning what they want and always delivering it. People have many choices, they can give their business to many companies. So consistently provide what they want or they won’t continue to do business with you. And they definitely won’t recommend you to others.
When sellers court customers, they make many promises. Words are bandied about; expectations are formed as are misconceptions. Misunderstandings can undermine relationships so avoid them by identifying everyone’s expectations as soon as possible.

Being completely present

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Get noticed by being completely present. “Lots of people attend events, but are distracted and are not in the present moment,” Sandra Yancey finds. “As they talk to you, they scan the room for better opportunities. I call that ‘arriving,’ not being ‘present.’
 “When I meet people, it is my responsibility to make the most of it: to be more aware, intentional, cognizant, and present. I must understand that this is a new relationship for me and that I have the choice of acting in ways that take this relationship to the next level.

Distinguishing yourself

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Get noticed, but attract the right kind of attention. Forget the myth that, “all publicity is good publicity.” Think instead of Howard K. Stern, Paris Hilton, or Brittany Spears. Perhaps in the past, just being noticed was enough; when people knew your name, for whatever reason, you had arrived. Today, however, brand consciousness and instantaneous communication makes building and maintaining strong, positive public opinion a must.
Conversely, bad publicity has become the kiss of death. It’s like an oil spill that sludges all in its path.

The new environment

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I’m sure you’ve noticed how business has changed. We’ve left the era where companies could sit back, coast on their reputations, and let customers vie to do business with them. Now, everything has speeded up and is usually in flux. In business, change is no longer unusual or an isolated event — it’s now the norm.
To succeed today in business, you can’t stand still — regardless of how well you may now be doing. Expect change,