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When one thinks of patience, major league sports fans do not come to mind, especially when their team is losing. Imagine now what it was like to be a Detroit Tigers fan in 2010, witnessing pitcher Armando Galarraga being robbed of his perfect game—one of the most...

How Kindness Generates Customers

One of my favorite stories comes from an article I read by Bill Taylor on, the website of Harvard Business Review, retelling the story of the story of Brandon Cook, from Wilton, New Hampshire, whose hospitalized grandmother admitted she desperately wished for...

How Kindness Generates Connectivity

Neil Alcala, CEO and owner of DirectPay for the last 20 years, processes credit cards and places ecommerce solutions for coaches, speakers, trainers, infomarketers, and other professionals to get paid for their services. I’ve personally witnessed Neil’s generosity...

Return on Your Characteristics

The root of the word characteristic is “character,” and isn’t that what we are really talking about here? Kindness and good character go hand-in-hand. When you have good character, you possess the characteristics of kindness that let people know you are caring,...

What Kindness Isn’t

Maybe right now you’re thinking to yourself: Kindness? Really? The last Harvard Business School class reunion didn’t include a hand-held circle of MBAs singing Kumbaya. Maybe not, but the cream of the corporate crop has always known that a smart business strategy...

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