Unleashing Kindness: A Transformative Business Approach|Jill Lublin

In a profit-driven world, kindness often becomes less important. However, what do you think if I say that including kindness in your business strategy is not only about making someone feel good but also a game changer?

John Sweeney is a coach of kindness and has always been driven by the desire to make people happy. He faced many difficulties such as lack of money but still continued with his mission whereby he introduced the idea of ‘suspended coffee’; this is where one pays for a cup of coffee on behalf of another person who cannot afford it at that time. This small act changed lives and brought many loyal customers to cafes which were part of this movement in 34 countries.

However, there is more to kindness in business than mere gestures. Coca-Cola, Kleenex and Sweetgreen are just a few of the many multinational corporations that have employed the strategy of marketing through acts of generosity, for example by giving away free drinks or tissues or even paying off customers’ parking tickets. These acts do not only bring about positive change but also promote customer loyalty as well as advocacy for the brand.

Just think what could happen if you were to incorporate some such benevolent deeds into your company. At Booster Juice Natalie Peace ran a “22 Days of Kindness” campaign which not only received extensive media coverage but also resulted in higher staff productivity levels, greater community participation rates and increased client retention numbers.

So, then — are you prepared to tap into this game-changing potential brought about by kindness within your enterprise? Let us question established norms; let us redefine prosperity; let our approach towards doing business be founded upon benevolence rather than treated like an option among others. Come along with us on this mission aimed at creating a society where empathy is profitable too! 

Let’s start incorporating kindness into our business practices and experience the incredible difference it can make. Together, we can spread happiness, nurture genuine connections, and spark positive change—one small act of kindness at a time. Are you excited to join me in making a difference, both in your business and in the world around us?

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