Guerrilla Publicity: The Do’s and Don’ts of Media Follow Up | Jill Lublin

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The way you handle the media is the key to achieving desired success. They are finicky. Aim for the headlines, Jill Lublin has the inside scoop on what makes the media smile and what makes them cringe.


1. Not taking “no” for an answer
2. Long news releases
3. Lying, hype, and misrepresentations
4. Lack of Preparation
5. Small Talk
6. Overkill
7. Repeated cold calling
8. Freebies
9. Name dropping
10. Lack of focus
11. Confirmation calls
12. Gimmicks
13. Not following up requests
14. Same ideas
15. Getting upset


1. News
2. Brevity – Be Clear
3. Knowing targets
4. Relationships
5. Preparation
6. Broad appeal
7. Ties to local or current events
8. Experience
9. Visualization
10. Celebrity tie-ins
11. Prompt response
12. Courtesy
13. Visual aids
14. No road blocks
15. A pleasant attitude

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