Having Integrity|Jill Lublin

If you have integrity, you will get noticed,” T. Harv Eker believes. “So few people have integrity that if you have it, you will standout. Keep your word, be reliable, do what you said you would, over deliver.”

Businesses that last are based on integrity. They always do a great job, strike fair deals, and treat people well. They exist to serve their customers, not just their shareholders. Reliability and value are the foundation, the base, from which businesses must build because their customers want to deal with those they can depend upon. They don’t want to give their money to companies they disrespect.

Treat your clients and customers well and always do what is right for them. Remember, there is no right way to do the wrong thing.

Set a high standard of professionalism. Distinguish yourself by consistently performing excellently, without delays, excuses, or broken promises. Build a reputation for excellence.

“There is no substitute for quality,” T. Harv Eker believes. “Massive quality is so rare, that if you provide it, people will talk about you. You must have a product or service that is a12 out of 10; you must be a 12 out of 10. People will talk about and recommend you because they love to tell others about something good. There is no substitute for the quality of what you do and how you do it. If you have a great item but don’t market it well, they will also talk about that. If you have a great package, but what it contains is garbage, people will notice and talk about it.

When you have built a track record for being honest, dependable, and providing great quality and value, announce it to the world. When you do, you will be reciting facts, not selling. Your history of integrity and top performance will make people take notice, listen, and want to conduct business with you.

Your job is to make yourself so good at whatever you say, do, or offer that people will seek you out.” Jay Conrad Levinson, the father of Guerrilla Marketing, stresses. “The key is not trying to find people who you want to work with, it’s making yourself so attractive that they will want to work with you. Make people seek you out.”

According to Levinson, “When most people network, they talk about themselves and hand out business cards.  However, they should be asking questions, finding out about people, and collecting their business cards. Everyone who networks wants to find people to work with, so they will pick those who stand out. Make yourself so fascinating, so compelling, that people seek you out.”

Examine your position in your community. Don’t only be out for yourself. See how you can be a part of something larger and greater. When you do, it can take you in exciting new directions, directions that may have great and lucrative possibilities for your growth. You can attract new and powerful people, people with ideas and vision who will want to associate, trail blaze, and do business with you.

Craig’s List is admired for its integrity. “We are all very committed and we follow through, but I don’t feel that we are noble,” Craig’s List founder Craig Newmark revealed. “Following through and commitment is a big deal. Many companies talk about their high standards, but they don’t mean it. Distinguish yourself by listening and following through.”