I was recently speaking in Calgary Canada for eWomenNetwork. It was so interesting to see the difference in the economic outlook of Canadians vs. The Americans. They understand the immediate importance of investing in promotion and marketing. They understand that even though the economy is suffering a bit – it’s so important to utilize and implement the power of publicity.  I also had some amazing talks with people about McCain vs. Obama.  Every Canadian agreed that if Obama doesn’t win – we’ll all be in trouble. I joked that if Obama didn’t win I might become the newest Canadian.

I’ve been a guest on multiple national radio shows across the US with my thoughts on Sarah Palin’s appearance on Saturday Night Live. I’ve been asked repeatedly did I think she was properly branded by that based on my newest book “Get Noticed…Get Referrals” published McGraw Hill.  Here’s what I feel – I do think our nation has to laugh right now. I think Sarah was smart to go on and deal with it head on. I don’t think she was quite as funny as she could have been and did not take advantage of a brilliant marketing tactic and great ratings.  She just doesn’t have a natural verve and spontaneous way about her. Sarah is only good when she is scripted and I might actually vote for Tina Fey for Vice President!

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