Starting a Business: One Important Factor to Consider|Jill Lublin

Whenever I am asked by people about my most important tip for entrepreneurs, I would always say it is about growth and that they have to capture their audience.

We all know that businesses are built based on a captive audience. The failure and success of your business would depend on your effective communication and being able to reach out to your clients. If you fail to reach out to your clients, then you fail to create a demand or need for the services and goods that you sell.

Reaching out to your clients and capturing their attention involves the following:

Define my targets. Identify who are the most likely people to buy my services.
Select an approach. Connect with 50 potential customers informing them about your availability and the wonders my services can provide. I try to link my services to particular events of interest to them.
Set targets. Try to connect with a specific number of people. If I attend an event, I make it my goal to meet and schedule meetings with 5 new prospects to discuss my services.
Follow through. When they show interest, I promptly follow up because as time passes, they may not remember me. If I make and confirm appointments when I am still fresh in their minds, they are usually more responsive.

Once you’ve been able to accomplish these four steps, you would then have to proceed with doing some marketing strategies and of which, one would be the power of influence. This power of influence can be done through publicity.

Publicity, if done right, is directly proportional to making money. The more you publicize, the more you earn. A publicist is like a person who can turn sand into gold and vice versa. Therefore, whenever you are about to publicize your business and want to make money, make sure that you do it the right way, and earn the most by just a minimal investment. The lines below explain how you can make money by publicity, by just being smart, and with minimal investment.

There are several ways of getting known and doing publicity. You can always select which of these ways you are going to choose.
You can even select to use all of them to ensure that you get customers into availing of your services or buying your goods.

Since you have identified your captive audience, you can therefore identify what type of means you are going to use for publicity and for attracting customers into your shop. You can always proceed and do the 4-step action plan I have identified above for you to attract new customers and for your business to grow.

Remember, the key to a successful business is growing your client-base, and if you fail in doing so, you might see yourself packing up your business at a very early stage.