Top 10 Hints from the Best-Selling Book “Guerrilla Publicity”|Jill Lublin

1. Introduce yourself with a sound bite. Few people have time to listen to the full story. Use language that will grab and captivate the media, show them your star potential and make them want to move mountains to advance your career.

2. Come from the heart.  To successfully promote your product or service: you must honestly believe in what you’re promoting and you can’t fake it.

3. Follow-up. The magic formula for getting publicity is follow up, follow up, follow up.

4. Find your uniqueness and capitalize on it. Find out what’s unique about you, what distinguishes you, your product, or service from the crowd. Then, come up with clever and unusual ways to tell the world about it.

5. Headline tips: Aim for headlines that are clear, concise, and make the reader want more information. Write your headlines after you’ve written the story. Keep them short, no more than one line.

6. Get others to spread the word. To build a successful business, you need networks, strategic alliances, etc. to help advance your cause. Everyone you know, hear about, meeting, and do business with is a prospect for your network.

7. Speak before groups. Speaking before groups increases your visibility, reputation, and stature in your industry. It establishes you as an authority in your field, draws media attention, and makes you more attractive to potential customers/clients.

8. Eat, sleep, and breathe publicity. Publicity never sleeps. It’s an ongoing 24/7 process that never stops. Publicity accompanies you everywhere.

9. Media lists. Update your list on an ongoing basis. Unless you keep your list current, you’ll end up wasting time and energy contacting people who have long gone.

10.Trade shows and special events. Trade shows, conferences and conventions are prime marketing opportunities because everyone is there to make contacts, talk shop, and do business.