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Generosity Marketing

Generosity Marketing

John M. Sweeney is the founder of a social movement called Suspended Coffees. In his article, “Kindness Makes Good Business,” Sweeney describes himself as being, among other things, a kindness coach, saying that making others happy had always been his mission in...

Too Big to Fail

Has your heart been big in business and now you have a “big ask” for yourself? Whether you are launching a new product, expanding a business, looking for capital, or need some extra marketing muscle, perhaps it is time to go ahead and solicit support from those you...
Generous Support

Generous Support

Don’t we hope to turn our customers and those we lead into “raving fans,” as Berny calls them? Is it possible to go a step beyond and demonstrate our kindness by being vocal fans andcheerleaders of the people in our network in a way that lifts them up? Marci Shimoff,...

Generous Networks

Have you heard of social capital? It’s all the rage. Finally, more and more people understand that it is not just who we know, but how well we know them that makes business viable. Social capital is all about networks, where transactions occur through trust,...

Generous Credit and Compliments

Giving credit where credit is due is an important aspect of being a great leader. Generously thanking, complimenting, or praising a staff member, vendor, or customer—even for the most mundane thing—shows people you take the time out of your schedule to notice them and...

Generosity of Time

I think the number-one thing people remember about other people is when they have beengiven more of their time than expected. We all know doctors who make us sit in the waiting roomfor far too long, but we keep going back because once we are in the examining room, she...

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