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Generosity in Business

Generosity in Business

Could there be a more illustrious example of an entrepreneur so serious about making kindness the central mission of a company than Daniel Lubetzky, whose nutritious snack company, KIND Healthy Snacks, is known as the fastest-growing brand in the industry? The brand’s...

Flexibility and YOU!

“Gold is getting old,” writes Tim Ferriss, the mastermind behind the game-changing philosophy and best-selling book The 4-Hour Workweek. Ferriss became an international phenomenon when he began a movement dedicated to the interests of a group he has dubbed The New...

Where There’s Good Will, There’s a Way

The last thing we want is for people to have to choose between family and work, especially in an emergency situation. But not all of us are in the position to offer paid family leave to our employees; we can barely pay ourselves, if at all. But when flex time has been...

Flex Time Defined

The word flexibility is quite subjective, with no one-size- fits all definition. One person’s flexible schedule might be an- other’s daily grind. Slightly easing off the work-week pedal for one person can feel like retirement to someone else, which is precisely the...

Employee Flexibility

James pointed out that how we act is how we attract customers and loyal staff. As business owners, we know that we are nothing without retaining our major talent. As much as we rely on our own savvy, we need staff members (or outside consultants) whose ideas make us...
Generosity in Business

Making the Pivot

The old way of doing business, including the adherence to mandatory rules and policies, is dead. People expect you to work with them, understand their position, and help them make the best out of the work- life balance they crave. Before I spend the rest of this...

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