Distinguishing yourself | Jill Lublin

Get noticed, but attract the right kind of attention. Forget the myth that, “all publicity is good publicity.” Think instead of Howard K. Stern, Paris Hilton, or Brittany Spears. Perhaps in the past, just being noticed was enough; when people knew your name, for whatever reason, you had arrived. Today, however, brand consciousness and instantaneous communication makes building and maintaining strong, positive public opinion a must.

Conversely, bad publicity has become the kiss of death. It’s like an oil spill that sludges all in its path. It creates a stain that’s hard, if not impossible, to remove. Bad publicity seeps in and tarnishes the name of the polluter; it makes it the object of derision, and a bad citizen that everyone wants to go away.

“The best way to get noticed is to always try to help others,” Sandra Yancey Founder and CEO of eWomanNetwork explains. “Reach out and be inquisitive by asking others, ‘Who is you ideal client and what is your greatest business challenge today?’ People will talk about themselves. When they do, find ways that you can help them. Give them contacts, leads, information, resources, or whatever else they may need.”

Adopt a service mentality. If you genuinely try to help others without requesting anything in return, you will distinguish yourself because most people only act when it will benefit them. If you help others, people will appreciate your efforts, they will talk about them, and want to help you. And it will make you feel very good.

Build on your uniqueness. “Everything is energy and the best way to get noticed is to show that your energy is different from everyone else’s energy,” T. Harv Eker, author of the N.Y. Times No. 1 Bestseller Secrets of the Millionaire Mind (Collins, 2007) and President of Peak Potentials Training Inc., stresses. “Find your uniqueness by looking to your strengths; the gifts you have had had from the beginning. Find what is normal for you, but not for others.”

Lots of people try to come up with hooks that work on a surface level, but that don’t work well very long. “Be authentic. It must come from deep within you,” Eker insists. “If you’re authentic, your uniqueness will come through and it will attract the type of people you want to you.”

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