Networking can be a magical, joyful experience. First, prepare by clearly identifying your purpose – what you want and need. Clarity of purpose opens the door to possibility. People know who you are and what you want with absolute certainty.See nothing but possibility in everyone you meet. Every encounter you have with someone new or someone in your network is an opportunity to create magic. Then, magic spills out from your generosity in these encounters, and from your gratitude for every connection you make and every person you meet.

Aim high in your networking strategies. You always risk getting less than you want if you stop short of your ultimate dreams. Make your request known by getting out there and playing big. Take immediate and decisive action with every chance meeting or planned encounter.

Once you are in action, playing big, giving and receiving on a regular basis, the true magic of networking will happen in the form of new friends, higher quality associates, and more opportunities than you’ve ever had. Think big, play big, and fall in love with giving to those in your network. No matter what happens with your speaking business, you’ll always have this tight network of friends at your side.


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