Using Publicity to Increase Your Income | Jill Lublin

For a new business, the ultimate objective of doing promotion and publicity is to, spread the word and consequently increase the revenue. No matter how good and extraordinary the service a business offers, unless it is backed by a solid publicity strategy, it will never yield any money and the whole uniqueness of the product would be futile.

Publicity – if done right – is directly proportional to making money. The more you publicize the more you earn money. A publicist is like a person who can turn sand into gold and vice versa. Therefore, whenever you are about to publicize your business, and want to make money, just make sure that you do it the right way, and earn the most with just a minimal investment. The lines below explain how you can make money by publicity, by just being smart, and with minimal investment.

The first and most simple way in which you can make the most out of publicity in terms of money is by writing articles pertaining to your areas of expertise, or the industry of your business. There are many newspapers and magazines in your area that need stories on different topics. You can offer them your expertise and you get to publicize your business in your writing. The same thing goes for online writing, there are many websites that publish articles where again you can share your expertise and simply inculcate the name of your business and have it publicized.

The other way you can make money by publicity is by selling your advertising space. Suppose that you have a newsletter mailing list of over 1000 people, then you can simply encase this publicity act to make immediate money. You can negotiate with different sponsors about the charges you are going to take to enter their name in your newsletter. This way you do your publicity and at the same time have others pay you.

You can also make money through publicity by offering your expertise on different TV and radio shows. TV and Radio shows are looking for people to speak on topics that concern their viewers and listeners, thus, when you again share your expertise and at the same time promoting your business indirectly, free of charge.

In short, knowing the places where you can publicize for mutual benefits is the thing that makes publicity a source of income.


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