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When I first started my business, I felt that I should be able to run every aspect of it myself. After all, I reasoned, it was my business and I should handle whatever was involved. Soon, I found that although I had skills, I also had holes; big, gaping holes where I was deficient. I knew publicity and I had a talent for connecting people, but I didn’t understand what a P & L was and why I needed it.

So I had to get training to learn the language, find out what was involved, what I could deduct, what was taxable, and all I was required to do. Then, I had to learn how to keep records, fill out forms, and make timely payments.

Much of what I had to learn didn’t come easy. I didn’t like it and it took valuable time away from productive, enjoyable activities that were building my business. So first chance I got, I hired a bookkeeper and then a CPA.

I learned a big lesson that has carried over to other aspects of my business. It taught me to constantly look for and identify areas where I need help. As a result, I now hire assistants, writers, editors, graphic designers, people to help me with my speaking career, and people to help me sell my speaking career. Since I travel so much, I work with an agency that handles my whatever I need.

I appreciate experts and their wealth of knowledge. They have helped me over hurdles and taught me a great deal. They’ve also saved me loads of time. I constantly look for the best people in my areas of need and have been fortunate to have received so much help and learned from them.


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