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Remember back in school how different personalities emerged and distinguished themselves. Every school had characters such as the nerd, the rocker, the jock, the babe, and the brain. Yet the one we tend to remember most fondly is the clown.

We all noticed the clown because he made us laugh. He connected with everyone through his humor; by making everything funny. The clown could make the most ordinary situation, the gravest circumstance, and the blandest personality absolutely hysterical. During the darkest moments, his quips broke the tension and lightened the mood. Humor was his focus, his outlook, his forte. His wit was what distinguished him and how he connected.

Great networkers also have special outlook. Like the clown who instinctively looks for humor, networkers are programmed to connect people. Great networkers constantly try to meet new people, learn all about them, and link them so that they can build close, mutually-beneficial relationships.

Distinguish yourself and boost your business by developing a connecting attitude. Be pleasant, friendly, and fun. People like to be with and do business with those they like, not with grouches.

“If you walk around like you have been weaned on a pickle, no one will want to do business with you,” observes Mark LeBlanc the President of Small Business Success and author of Growing Your Business! (Expert Publishing, 2007). “Accept some of your shortcomings or failings in the early stages and practice strengthening what I call ‘the next muscle in your brain. When someone isn’t interested in what you have or do, go on to the next one,” LeBlanc suggests.
Train yourself to be a connector; develop a connecting frame of mind by constantly thinking in terms of whom you can connect. Here’s how to proceed:

Make two lists:

1. List people you would like to meet.

a. Create a plan to meet your targets.
b. Identify those who could introduce you to your targets or people who could connect you to them.
c. List what you have in common with your targets such as common:

  • Friends.
  • Businesses.
  • Backgrounds.
  • Interests.
  • Values and beliefs.

2.List people that you could connect with each other. List what they have in common:

  • Friends.
  • Businesses.
  • Backgrounds.
  • Interests.
  • Values and beliefs.

3.Create a plan to connect those individuals.

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